• Image of Earth Mover Bike Cleaner
  • Image of Earth Mover Bike Cleaner

Earth Mover is a revelation in bike cleaning technology! With its unique blend of softeners, detergents and foaming agents, Earth Mover gives you the ultimate all over foam cleaning experience.

Our unique trigger spray gives you the choice of a foam or spray action.

Earth Mover cuts through dirt, grime and grease, giving your bike that brand new look every clean. Earth Mover’s unique foaming technology offers a much longer cleaning contact time, and you can see the dirt, grease and grime breaking down before your eyes. Earth Mover is safe to use on paintwork, carbon fibre, disc brakes, aluminum, rubber and titanium, and is totally environmentally friendly.


- Off road motorcycles – Moto X, Enduro, Trial, Speedway...

- Mountain bikes

- Sidecars

- Quads

- Road Motorcycles

- Karts

- Road Bicycles


- Stock car